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Photoshop Elements 10 tutorials

Turn here for videos and tutorials specifically related to Elements 10.

For earlier versions, click the links below:
Photoshop Elements 9
Photoshop Elements 8
Photoshop Elements 7
Photoshop Elements 6

Elements Basics

An overview of Elements’ essential concepts.

Elements Tools and Menus

In-depth looks at the tools inside Elements Editor, as well as the different features found in the menus.

Elements Add-Ons: Brushes, Actions, Plug-ins and More

Discover all sorts of extras you can add to Elements, including instructions for adding them to your setup.

Organizing your Photos

How to import, sort, and organize your photo library with Elements (including the Organizer, Bridge, and iPhoto, among others).

Making Selections and Blending Images Together

Learn more about how to make great selections, and how to move objects and backgrounds from one photo to another.

Photo Editing Techniques

Enhance your photos in hundreds of different ways, including painting with light, creating vignettes, soft focus effects, and more.

Artistic Effects

Working with filters and other features to create artistic-style effects with your photos.

Photo Effects

Using filters and other techniques to add photographic-style effects to your images.

Text Effects

Elements isn’t just for photos! Learn how to create wonderful text effects, including 3-D.


Everything you need to know to create scrapbook pages and embellishments.

General-Purpose Projects

All types of fun things you can create inside Elements, from stamps to cards to calendars, movie posters and collages.

Holiday Projects

All sorts of special things you can create for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and more.

Using Camera Raw

Tips, tricks and the basics on shooting in Raw and post-processing your images with Camera Raw and Elements.

Digital Photography Tips

Getting great photos in Elements starts with the camera; learn the best tips and tricks for getting the images you want while out in the field.

Printing, Slideshows and Web

Everything you need to know to get your final creations out of Elements and onto the printed page, the Web or on disc as a presentation.

Design and Layout

Learn special things you can do to add a professional design tough to your photo creations.


Learn how to touch up blemishes, fix red-eye, remove glare, and more.


Tips and tricks for scanning, touching up and restoring old photos.

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