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September/October issue update

By Rick LePage  ·  August 27th, 2012

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The September/October 2012 issue of PET has left the printer and should be winging its way around the US and far-flung reaches of the globe; once you get your issue, don’t forget to check out the sample files and Web links on our site.


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Download: Stop Glaring At Me Extras

By Diana K  ·  April 30th, 2013

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These are the sample images to follow along with Larry Becker’s “Stop Glaring at Me” tutorial from the May/June 2013 issue of PET.


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Download: Full Steam Ahead Images

By Diana Day  ·  June 26th, 2013

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These are the sample images to follow along with Diana Day’s “Full Steam Ahead” tutorial from the July/August 2013 issue of PET.


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Quick Compositing & Quick Selections

By Matt Kloskowski  ·  July 15th, 2014

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Use the Quick Selection tool to make tricky and detailed selections.


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Restoration Station, Part 2

By Mike Rodriguez  ·  September 1st, 2007

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Mike continues the process of restoring an old tattered image in this 4-part series.


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Download: The Orton Effect

By Rick LePage  ·  January 4th, 2009

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This is the sample image to use to follow along with Rick LePage’s “The Orton Effect” article in the January/February 2009 issue of Photoshop Elements Techniques.


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Using a Lightning Bolt Custom Brush

By Mike Rodriguez  ·  June 13th, 2014

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Add Lightening Bolts to your images using the Lightening Bolt brushes created in the earlier tutorials.


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Great Selections Are Key To Successful Editing

By Taz Tally  ·  October 1st, 2005

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Just about any image-editing project begins with a selection, and the quality and look of your editing results are greatly affected by the quality of your selections. In prior issues, you?e learned about the magic wand and the rectangular marquee tools. Here you?l expand your selection tool repertoire and skill set.


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Think Outside The Box

By Nancy Marti  ·  January 5th, 2008

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Designing elements for a scrapbook kit can be a challenge. You quickly learn to recognize basic shapes enhanced with layer styles as just that: basic shapes. The challenge is to create something new and unique. To do this, you need to see beyond the obvious or ‘think outside the box.’


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Creating Textured Text In A Mask

By Lesa Snider  ·  May 5th, 2008

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Most folks don’t think about using filters in conjunction with text, but they are a great way to ‘texturize’ your prose. And with a layer mask, you can create beautifully distressed text that remains editable.


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Download: Wish You Hadn’t

By P.E.T. Staff  ·  July 3rd, 2005

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This is the companion file to the ‘Too Much Flash’ article in V1N1.


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The “Ins And Outs” Of Using Keyboard Shortcuts

By Matt Kloskowski  ·  January 3rd, 2006

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Have you ever watched someone else at the computer and been amazed how quickly they work or move around the interface? How do they do this? Welcome to the wonderful world of keyboard shortcuts. These little timesavers enable you to work faster in Photoshop Elements and leave you with more time to be creative.


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Tips & Tricks

By Dave Huss  ·  January 3rd, 2006

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Trick Question: When is the Magnetic Lasso tool not a Magnetic Lasso? Answer: When you use the Alt key.


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Subscriber Showcase (July/August 2009)

By Rick LePage  ·  July 5th, 2009

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Here is a selection of recent photos and projects by Photoshop Elements Techniques subscribers, showcasing original photos and completed projects from recent magazine tutorials.


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Give Your Images A Color Boost

By Matt Kloskowski  ·  January 6th, 2007

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Often, you may find that a specific area of a photo looks duller than the rest of the photo. When this happens, the Hue/Saturation adjustment is a great place to turn to for a quick color boost.


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Reverse The Aging Process

By Lesa Snider  ·  November 7th, 2007

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Instead of editing your photos to look sparkling and new, you can use the filters found in Photoshop Elements to make them look vintage and antique.


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Download: Lookin’ Sharp

By Rick LePage  ·  February 20th, 2007

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This is the sample file for the ‘Lookin’ Sharp’ article.

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Searching within topic pages

By Rick LePage  ·  May 7th, 2010

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We added a new search feature to the site this week, letting you search within any topic or category (including videos, Web tutorials and PDFs).


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Download: Vintage Clip Art

By Rick LePage  ·  September 15th, 2010

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These are the two sample files to follow along with Diana Day’s “Vintage Clip Art” article in the September/October 2010 issue of Photoshop Elements Techniques.

Fourteen: Mono Lake, California

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

By Liz Ness  ·  April 12th, 2011

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In January, my friend Noell asked me to participate in an episode of her weekly Paperclipping Roundtable podcast. While the show is devoted to scrapbooking and features “real life scrapbookers, working within the industry,” it spans a variety of topics…

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