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See what's new in Elements 12

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In this set of videos, Matt Kloskowski shows you all the great new features of Photoshop Elements 12, letting you in on some of the fun and creative new things you can do with your photos, whether you’re new to Elements or jumping forward from a previous version.

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Elements 12 Content Aware video thumbnail

Content-Aware Move

The Content Aware technology in Elements is amazing and one of the easiest ways to retouch your photos. In Elements 12 they’ve added even more options to use it. If you’ve ever wanted to move an area from one part of the photo to another then you’re going to love this new feature.

Elements Organizer Search video thumbnail

Revel Integration

Revel is Adobe’s photo sharing service and a lot more. You can integrate the Organizer with Revel so that you can not only share your photos online, but edit them and make changes too. Even better, you can download the Revel app and have access to all of your photos from your tablet or phone as well.

AutoFill Edges video thumbnail

Straighten and Fill Edges

We probably have more crooked photos than we’d like to admit. Well, before Elements 12, if you had to straighten your photo you ran the risk of eliminating a key part of the photo or leaving odd looking gaps along the edges. But with the new Straighten and Fill Edges option, you can let Elements do the work for you.

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Elements 12 Organizer video thumbnail

Organizer Changes

In this video we’ll take a look at some of the new changes to the Organizer in Elements 12.

New Elements 12 filters video thumbnail

Open In Camera Raw

The Camera Raw dialog is probably one of the most powerful (and easiest) ways to edit your photos. Before Elements 12, it was a giant pain in the neck to edit a non-raw photo in the Camera Raw dialog. But now with the new “Open in Camera Raw” option, it’s really simple.

Elements 12 refine edge video thumbnail

Quick Edit’s Effects, Textures and Frames

The Quick Edit mode in Elements 12 now has Effects, Textures and Frame. They are fun and super easy to apply.

Elements Organizer Search video thumbnail

Auto Smart Tone

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to automatically adjust your photos, then the new Auto Smart Tone is for you.

New Guided Edits video thumbnail

New Guided Edits

Elements 12 offers four new Guided Edit choices: Zoom Burst, Old Photo, Puzzle Effect and Pet Eye.

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