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Making Business Cards

By Wendy Williams  ·  August 17th, 2007

Quite a few people on the forum have been talking about Business Cards so I thought that I would do a tutorial on how to make them. They actually are quite easy to make and once you have the basic template completed then you can do all sorts of things with it.

When I am making something like this I tend to make it at double size and then scale it down once it is finished as I think you get a better result that way. So the size I am going to use is 7 inches by 4 inches but my final card will actually only be half that size.

Business Card sizes do vary from country to country so just check out the size where you are and use double that.

STEP 1 First create a new File. File>New>Blank File 2100 pixels x 1200 pixels, resolution 300, RGB with a white background.

STEP 2 Next create a new layer above the background layer and call it “Stroke” Layer>New>Layer. Now select the Rectangular Marquee and make a rectangular selection something like mine.

STEP 3 Change your foreground colour to black and do Edit>Stroke Selection 6 pixels inside.

STEP 4 Next create a new layer above the “Stroke” layer and call it “Line” Layer>New>Layer. Then select a hard brush, change its size to 7 pixels and click down once in the position shown in the next image (A) then hold down the shift key and click again where I have marked the second point. (B)

STEP 5 Now it is time to choose a font for your name. I used Nottingham 22pt as I really like the way it looks. Once you have typed in your name just move the text to this position

STEP 6 Next I added my address below the line using Minion Pro 16 pt

STEP 7 Then my telephone number and my email address in a slightly smaller font size of 12pts

STEP 8 That completes our basic Business Card Template and its time for the fun part of adding things to it.

STEP 9 First of all I chose a photo of my cat Tansy and copied and pasted it into the image, making sure that I positioned it just below the “Stroke” layer. Then I moved it into place and reduced the opacity a little to about 85 %. Just choose a favourite photo of your own and do the same, making sure that the main focus of the photo is in a good position in relation to the text.

STEP 10 Then using a soft eraser or if you have Grant’s tools installed then use the mask, gently blend away the excess leaving just the main part of the image. Take some time and blend it in carefully as you do want the blend to be seamless.

STEP 11 For Version 2 I went to the layers palette, switched off the eyeballs next to both the “Line” layer and my Version 1 image and then using copy & paste added another photo.

STEP 12 Next using the same technique as I did for the first card I blended away the excess.

STEP 13 For Version 3 I went into the Layers Palette, switched off the eyeball next to the version 2 photo and selected E7cd85 as my foreground colour. Then I chose the car from the custom shapes and dragged the Custom Shape Tool across the image.

STEP 14 For Version 4 I switched the eyeball back on next to the “Line” Layer, used the custom shape tool and made some small butterflies. When I had made them I simplified the butterfly layers Layer>Simplify Layer and merged them all together. To do that just click on the top butterfly layer and then do Layer>Merge Down and then again the same thing with the next layer.

STEP 15 Next I changed my foreground colour to fecc3a and my background colour to bb8919, went to the Layers Palette and Control Clicked (Mac: Command Click) on the Butterfly layer thumbnail to regain the selection and using the gradient tool set to foreground to background dragged a gradient across them.

STEP 16 Finally I added a slight drop shadow to give the image more depth.

STEP 17 Here is another one where I just added a couple of flowers:

STEP 18 When you have made your Business Cards you will need to resize the image. To do that you can simply do Image>Resize>Image Size, then make sure that Resample Image is not checked and change the resolution to 600. Now save this with a new name.

STEP 19 To print out my cards I tend to create a new file, the size of a standard sheet of card, 300 resolution, with a white background and then I take a merged copy of my Business Card and drop it onto the new blank file. Next I duplicate the card layer until I have used up all the space on the sheet. From then it is just a matter of printing it out on thin card and trimming the edges, or you can buy card that is already perforated.

STEP 20 For my final version I just recoloured my own logo and added that to my Card.

Try out a few different things, use different colours, different custom shapes, or even clip art or brushes. Try adding a layer styles to the individual layers, there really are endless variations you can try but most of all just experiment and enjoy :)


2 Replies to Making Business Cards:

  1. Bernard

    December 26, 2010 at 11:35 am

    Hi, I have used this technique to make business cards for family and friends and offered them as gifts.
    The key in these informal cards is to have a background that relates to the person.

  2. Stu

    December 8, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    This will be very useful. I have a number of images that will work beautifully and that I feel will relate to me as a photographer.

    BTW – Website partially developed. A work in progress.


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