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Getting Help

I need technical support for my version of Photoshop Elements. Where do I go?

Photoshop Elements is produced and supported by Adobe Systems. You can reach them at (800) 833-6687 or visit their customer support area at

Also, try visiting This is a great resource for learning more about Photoshop Elements and asking questions of fellow Photoshop Elements users.

I can’t log into the Photoshop Elements User Techniques site. What am I doing wrong?

Here are several options to try:

  • Confirm that you are typing in the user name and password you used when you first purchased your subscription.
  • Request your user name and password by clicking here. NOTE: Make sure you use the email address you used when you purchased your subscription.
  • Your computer’s security settings could be prohibiting you from accessing our site. Please make sure that your security is set at medium, not high. Please remember that some employers block certain sites from their server. If you are trying to access the site from work, that could be a potential problem.
  • Your computer has to be set up to accept cookies from To check the Cookies, please click here:
  • If you are using the AOL browser, sometimes it does not work with our server. (Not uncommon with the AOL browser) Here is a link to Firefox, which is a browser that works beautifully with our site:

I’m having problems viewing the videos on the site.

Take a look at our Video FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, which has a number of questions and answers to common video issues.

I’m uncomfortable giving my credit card online. Is there another way to subscribe?

Our online order form is a secure page. Your credit card transaction is encrypted when you click the “Subscribe Me” button. We do not store your credit card information after you complete your transaction. If you would like to place your order with us over the phone, please call 503-968-1813.

None of these items answered my question. Now what?

Feel free to send us an email with your question. You can reach us at info at

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