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Water Photo Challenge: Top Picks

Thank you to all the photographers who participated in our September Photo Challenge. We were stunned by the splashes, sprays and speckles that entered our ‘Water’ competition. Here are the finalists who stood out to our judges.

Linda Kazares blew us away with the flying spray of a simple sprinkler in this dewy landscape!

These lorikeets looks like they’re having a blast in a splashy bird bath in Michael Kruck‘s photo.

With the eerie crackled paper texture, Gregory Gebhardt haunted us with this seaside image of a woman and her fallen boat.

Francoise Cot shows us the power of the abstract with this wonderful wall of water!

Sunlight graces the edge of ocean waves in Richard Traylor‘s soft image of the shoreline.

Jenny Utt captured the perfect moment of a young girl at a water fountain.

Rippling reflections of birch trees make this cool capture one of Jacki Marino‘s best.

Winner: What a knock out, Lori Ziegenhagen! The sweet morning dew droplets graced these grassy stalks  to make this a wonderful, watery winner.

Congratulations to all our winners! Our November Photo Challenge is going on right now. The theme is “Sqaure.” Don’t forget to join the fun!