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Travel Photo Challenge: Top Picks

Thank you, to all the photographers that participated in the Travel Photo Challenge. It was so exciting to see all the wonderful images that PET members have captured while on their travels.  Below are the finalist for the Travel Photo Challenge, be sure to look in the January/February 2014 issue of PET to find out the winners.


This colorful landscape titled “Shakes Glacier with River Beauty in Bloom” was photographed by Betty Eich.


Cathie Frost was lucky enough to capture this stunning “Sunrise at Grand Canyon”.


You feel like you’re stepping back in time when you view “Isle of Capri”, submitted by Carol Huczek.


Claude Prevost shot this tranquil and serene photograph titled “Dolce Vita”.


Dan DellaChiesa leaves viewers “Transported” with this lovely photo.


This captivating image titled “Doorways” was photographed by Hilma Anderson.


You can almost hear the sounds of the “Magical Forest” while looking at  Steve Rich’s photo.


The essence of “The Conductor” was captured perfectly by Shirley Resnick.


The vivid colors really pop in this image titled “Ice Cream on the Mekong” by Tom Shanley.


Ed Stewart photographed this gorgeous photo of “Moraine Lake”.

Congratulations to all our finalist! Our “The Color Red” Photo-Challenge is going on right now. Don’t forget to join the fun!