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PET News Premier Episode

This is the first ever episode of “PET News” and there’s all kinds of great news inside! Contests are coming, discounts are here and more are on the way, Photoshop Elements Techniques magazine is changing (for the better) and MORE. Links mentioned in the show are below the video.

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The B&H Discount details
Digital Anarchy tutorial is coming soon, but here’s the discount info…

The popular plug-ins from Digital Anarchy called ToonIt Photo and Beauty Box Photo are each available at a 25% discount by using the code PET25 when checking out. Larry’s tutorial on using and installing plug-ins is coming soon, but if you already know how, feel free to grab either (or both) of these plug-ins at a discount. And keep in mind, there’s a free version so you can try them out before you buy, it just has a watermark on the finished image. So try before you buy and save when you do!