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PET News 7.03.2013

By Larry Becker  |  July 3rd, 2013

This week Larry reveals the winner of the Oben Carbon Fiber tripod and let’s you know how you can request a custom tutorial.

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Show links:
Oben Tripod
Contest email

July/August Issue, Extras Ready for Download

By Diana K  |  June 28th, 2013


The July/August issue of PET has started mailing to print subscribers, but all subscribers can download the PDF of the magazine — and the sample files for articles from Larry, Erin, Michelle, Corey, Matt and Diana — from the July/August issue.

Regarding delivery times, US subscribers should receive their copies by July 12th. Canadian subscribers should receive their issues by July 19th; delivery worldwide should be complete by July 27th.

If you’re missing your issue after the dates listed above, send us a note via our contact form on the website. (If you subscribed after June 8th, 2013, our second mailing will go out from the printer in late July for an early August delivery. After that, you’ll be on the schedule for the initial mailing.)


PET News 6.21.2013

By Larry Becker  |  June 21st, 2013

Larry has a contest update for that sweet Oben Carbon fiber tripod and has information about a great DVD deal for the best of PET 7. Enjoy…

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Show links:
Best of PET 7 DVD Details
Contest email

Best of PET, Vol. 7 DVD is now available

By Rick LePage  |  June 18th, 2013

best_of_pet_dvd7_cvr500pxI just wanted to let folks know that the first copies of our annual “Best of Photoshop Elements Techniques” DVD are in the office, ready for shipping.

Vol. 7 of the series includes more than 6 hours of video tutorials from our best trainers, including Matt, Liz, Mike, Larry, and Karen, and they’re sure to help you get the most out of editing your digital photos with Photoshop Elements.

Also included on the disc is every issue of Elements Techniques magazine from 2012 in PDF format (opens in Adobe Reader or Apple Preview), and an alphabetical index to every article published in the magazine from 2004-2012.

The disc is normally priced at $35, but we’ve got two special offers through the first week in July:

  • If you’re a subscriber to PET, and you like to get the current DVD as part of your renewal, just use this link to get DVD, Vol. 7 and two extra months added to the end of your subscription. (If you renew by going to the store, just make sure you use the promo code DVD7 at checkout.)
  • If you’re not a subscriber, or you just want the disc, we’re offering the disc for only $20 — that’s $15 off the regular price. AND, we’ll ship it free in the US and Canada ($5 for the rest of the world.)
    To take advantage of the $15 off price, go to our store, click on the DVD Vol. 7 link and add it to your cart. At checkout, use the Promo Code DVD7-SAVE, and you’ll get your savings.

Thanks, and have a great summer from all of us at PET!

Here’s a list of the tutorials on the disc:

Adding Borders Using the Pattern Fill Adjustment Layer
Adding Gold Metallic Trim and Glitter Adding Motion Effects with Radial Blur Advanced Eye Retouching
Advanced Photo Retouching
Blending Modes and Textures
Build New Worlds
Cloud Sharpening
Combining Scans Using Photomerge Create Your Own Photo Business Cards Creating Distressed Type
Creating Fall-Inspired Leaf Patterns and Brushes
Creating Straight Lines, Dotted Lines and Scalloped Photo Frames
Creating Threshold Art
Creating a Basic Layout
Creating a Black and White ‘Lith Print’
Creating a Simple Wedding Announcement
Creating a Unique Wedding Memento
Editing Photos Start to Finish: Landscapes
Editing Photos Start to Finish: Overexposed Skies
Elements & Lightroom: Editing Start to Finish Elements & Lightroom: Getting Started Experimenting with Layer Masks
Fixing a Pet’s Glowing Eyes
Flawless Fades
Get Better Black and White
Hazy Image Repair
High Pass Sharpening
How to Create a Page Curl Effect
How to Create and Apply Five Essential Patterns
How to Edit a Photo, Start to Finish
How to Fix a “Lazy Eye”
How to Move a Subject and Clean Up the Background
Improving Your Architectural Shots Larry’s Holiday Tutorial Class:
Christmas Lights Collage Decorative Holiday Text Holiday Card
Kids Globe Ornament
Loading and Installing Brushes
Loading and Installing Custom Shapes Making Your Own Bokeh Holiday Card Noise Reduction Techniques
Paste Into Selection
Photo Corners
Photo Effects and Styles in Elements 11 Printing Basics in Photoshop Elements Quicker Panoramas
Removing Dust Spots from Your Photos Reusable Border Effect, Parts 1&2 Reusable Photo Effects
Star Effects
The 3 Most Useful Blend Modes, Parts 1-3 The Action Panel in Elements 11
The Instagram Effect, Revisited
Top Then Elements Shortcuts
Using Brushes as Stamps
Using Custom Shapes to Create a ‘Quick Page’ Using a Template to Create a Scrapbook Page Using the Action Player
Vintage Color
Working With Displacement Maps

PET News 6.7.2013

By Larry Becker  |  June 7th, 2013

The contest for a top-of-the-line Oben Carbon Fiber travel tripod is officially under way! Larry will tell you how to register and show you the tripod itself.

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Contest runs through the month of June. Good luck!!

PET News 5.31.2013

By Larry Becker  |  May 31st, 2013

This week Larry gives Photoshop Elements users a little insight about the big Adobe Creative Cloud announcements and what it means to Elements users, and he gives us a sneak peek at the upcoming photographers’ contest prize.

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Bridge Photo Challenge: Top Picks

By Diana K  |  May 23rd, 2013

Thank you, to all the photographers that participated in the Bridge Photo Challenge. We were in awe of all the wonderful photos that were submitted. It was also inspiring to see the different perspectives that were used when photographing them, as well as the many different kinds of bridges that were submitted. Below are the finalist for the Bridges Photo Challenge, be sure to look in the July/August issue of PET to find out the winners of the Photo Challenge.


This stunning image, showcasing the modern Samual Beckett Bridge, was taken by Brendon Foy.

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New Photo Challenge: Reflections

By Diana K  |  May 23rd, 2013

The use of reflections in photography can lead to stunning photographs. There are so many different surfaces that can be used for reflections, such as water, mirrors, windows, buildings and sunglasses, just to name a few. Combine these photos with the capabilities of Elements and there are endless possibilities for creative and impressive images. So grab your camera, and start shooting, we can’t wait to see the images you come up with.


To participate in the Reflections Photo Challenge, simply upload your image to either the PET Subscriber Gallery or the Elements Village Gallery by June 30th.

Please be sure to place the phrase “Photo-Challenge” exactly as shown (without the quotes) in the Keywords field if uploading to the Elements Village Gallery, or in the Caption field if uploading to the PET Gallery. This is how we identify images intended for the challenge. If you’re having trouble figuring out the process, check out our Contests page, which offers more detailed instructions, as well as screenshots.

Good luck!

May/June issue, extras ready for download

By Diana K  |  April 30th, 2013



The May/June issue of PET has started mailing to print subscribers, but all subscribers can download the PDF of the magazine — and the sample files for articles from Larry, Pete and Diana — from the May/June issue.

Regarding delivery times, US subscribers should receive their copies by May 11. Canadian subscribers should receive their issues by May 18; delivery worldwide should be complete by May 26.

If you’re missing your issue after the dates listed above, send us a note via our contact form on the website. (If you subscribed after April 7, 2013, our second mailing will go out from the printer in late May for an early June delivery. After that, you’ll be on the schedule for the initial mailing.)


PET News 4.24.2013

By Larry Becker  |  April 24th, 2013

This week Larry catches us up on stuff that’s been happening while he’s been on the road at 3 different industry trade shows and there are some important links in the show notes below.

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What is Color Management? Just Ask Liz!

By Elizabeth  |  April 11th, 2013


Don’t waste the color you have!

Color is one of the most important components to modern day photography, something that we all interact with yet almost always don’t understand. I get questions constantly about color space – “What is it?”, “How do I match my monitor’s color to my printer’s color?”, “What is color calibration?”, or “Why are my images different on all of my digital devices?”. Thanks to an Ask-Liz email from David Erickson all about color calibration, I thought I’d help y’all out and hopefully demystify what our computers are doing under the hood!

Digital photography works with color by translating them into numbers. Think of it as an extremely intricate and very extensive ‘paint-by-numbers’ – every time we take a picture and the colors are recorded, they’re being changed into corresponding numbers. There are two popular color models that we work with, RGB (red, green, blue) and CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), which just translate the world around us a little bit differently. Just like how you would mix paints together, both of these two models mix in unique ways, but with a similar result.

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Ask-Liz Answers: Round 1

By Elizabeth  |  April 3rd, 2013

Holy cow, y’all! This past month since the reboot of the Ask Liz program, I’ve received so many emails from users about topics that range from simple to extremely complicated. Thank you so much to everyone who is participating, I am so happy to finally be putting together the answers to some of the top questions that landed in my mailbox! Keep those emails coming ( and I’ll keep answering! My first round of Elements solutions include resizing your Bounding Box, creating digital shamrock bokeh, finding lost files in the Organizer, editing difficult lighting situations and making your own website header:

  • “I really like this picture of me and my brother and sister but the lighting was not taken into consideration when it was taken. How can I fix this using Photoshop Elements?” -Jan W

DSC_3884 cropped


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PET News – Urgent Update and Some Winners

By Larry Becker  |  March 26th, 2013

This week Larry brings us up to date on the March contest and announces the first 3 winners of the big contest so far. Be sure to watch and see if you’re a winner and how to enter more than once if you want to…

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New Photo Challenge: Bridges

By Elizabeth  |  March 11th, 2013

Back by popular demand, the Subscriber Showcase and PET Photo Challenge!

We are excited to inform you that the Subscriber Showcase and Photo Challenge will resume in the next issue of PET.

Want to see your photo in print? Show us how you’ve put our tutorials to work in your images. Your image might be selected for the PET Subscriber Showcase.

©Rick LePage

The topic for this Photo Challenge is Bridges. Winners will be announced online and all entries must be submitted by April 30th. To submit your recent work to the Subscriber Showcase or the Photo Challenge, go to our Contests page and follow the instructions.

Good luck!

PET News Episode 3

By Larry Becker  |  March 11th, 2013

The latest episode of PET News is live and there’s even more great contest news to be happy about. You might just win BIG!!!!

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(For more on the March/April Photo Challenge, check out this blog post.)

March/April issue, extras ready for download

By Elizabeth  |  March 5th, 2013

v10n2-cover-500pxThe March/April issue of PET has started mailing to print subscribers, but all subscribers can download the PDF of the magazine — and the sample files for articles from Larry, Matt and Diana — from the March/April issue page.

In the coming days, we’ll also be posting Diana’s extra online article for her cool “Chalk It Up” tutorial in the issue, so keep an eye out for it. (If you sign up for email alerts via the “Get PET Site Updates” box on the lower right side of the website, you’ll get an email as soon as we post any new video, blog post or magazine extra.)

Regarding delivery times, US subscribers should receive their copies by March 11. Canadian subscribers should receive their issues by March 18; delivery worldwide should be complete by March 26.

If you’re missing your issue after the dates listed above, send us a note via our contact form on the website. (If you subscribed after February 7, 2012, our second mailing will go out from the printer in late March for an early April delivery. After that, you’ll be on the schedule for the initial mailing.)

[Update, March 6: The low-resolution version of the issue has been replaced with a better copy. Sorry for the inconvenience.]

PET News Episode 2 – March is Contest Month

By Larry Becker  |  March 4th, 2013

March is contest month here at Photoshop Elements User and there are BIG prizes out there for just being a PET Subscriber!!! Hundreds of dollars worth of software and more. And there are 4 chances to win in March, so check out the news video to find out all about it.

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Ask Liz: Rebooted

By Elizabeth  |  March 1st, 2013

Ever wondered how to use the Color Replacement Brush? Have you felt frustrated with using Actions or applying Photo Effects? Would you want to learn about the differences between Sharpening techniques inside of Elements?

Well now’s the chance to get all your questions answered by me, Liz LePage, for our reboot of ASK LIZ!

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PET News Premier Episode

By Larry Becker  |  February 25th, 2013

This is the first ever episode of “PET News” and there’s all kinds of great news inside! Contests are coming, discounts are here and more are on the way, Photoshop Elements Techniques magazine is changing (for the better) and MORE. Links mentioned in the show are below the video.

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The B&H Discount details
Digital Anarchy tutorial is coming soon, but here’s the discount info…

The popular plug-ins from Digital Anarchy called ToonIt Photo and Beauty Box Photo are each available at a 25% discount by using the code PET25 when checking out. Larry’s tutorial on using and installing plug-ins is coming soon, but if you already know how, feel free to grab either (or both) of these plug-ins at a discount. And keep in mind, there’s a free version so you can try them out before you buy, it just has a watermark on the finished image. So try before you buy and save when you do!

BIG News Coming Monday

By Larry Becker  |  February 22nd, 2013


Hey PET subscribers! Here’s a big announcement:

Starting Monday we’re launching PET News! It will be a regular (bi-weekly) news video all about the world of Photoshop Elements Techniques. We’ll keep you posted on all the cool stuff that’s happening and trust me, LOTS of new stuff is coming. For example, we’ve added a few discounts but we have more on the way! We already have great video tips but more are on the way. And did I mention contests and great giveaways? Well, now you know there will be all kinds of reasons to pay attention to So come back Monday for the premier episode of PET News right here on the site. See you then!!

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