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Introducing Photoshop Elements 12

Posted By Diana K On September 24, 2013 @ 7:05 am In Blog,Getting Started with the Elements Editor,Getting Started with the Elements Organizer | 52 Comments

Along with the seasonal changes, we welcome Adobe’s release of the latest version, Elements 12. This version features some tweaks and fine-tuning to the major changes unveiled in Elements 11, so let’s introduce you to some of the prominent things you’ll see in version 12. BoxShot12


For those who use the Organizer as your vehicle of choice for cataloging your images, the enhance- ments in Elements 12 should streamline your workflow even more. Visual searching receives some enhancements and now returns more accurate search results when conducting Object Searches.


You’re now able to search based on the name of a folder, along with album and tag-based searches available in previous versions. You can use the full text Search box, or by going to Find>By Details (Metadata) and choosing the Folder Name item from the drop-down menu.


A welcome addition to how your media is sorted is Alphabetic Sorting. It is available across all areas of the Organizer, and is accessed from the Sort By menu or from the View menu.

sort-by-alphaA sort-by-alphaB


Elements 11 introduced the People tags section in the Tags panel, and Elements 12 adds two new tag sections, Places and Events, for further organizational enhancements and options.


The three areas of the Editor also enjoy some new features. Here’s an overview of the major ones:

Quick Edit

If you’re a fan of Quick Edit, you’ll enjoy some big changes. You now have the ability to not only make adjustments to your images, but also add effects, textures and frames via the new Effects, Textures, and Frames panels, located in the bottom-right corner of the screen. They share space with the Adjustments panel. To access a panel, simply click the one you wish to view.


Guided Edit

The Guided Edit area also welcomes in some new additions. We now have Restore Old Photo, in the Touchup section, the Zoom Burst Effect under Photo Effects, and the popular Puzzle Effect, located in the Photo Play category.



The Expert area of the editor has a few new addi- tions, which, while small, are very nice additions to the already feature-packed editor. As more people discover the editing power in Camera Raw, we now have a much simpler way of opening an image in the Camera Raw plugin. Simply go to File>Open in Camera Raw, select your file, regardless of whether or not it is a RAW file, and click Open.


f you’re relatively new to the Expert area of the editor, and are looking for a straightforward place to start, check out the new Auto Smart Tone. Located under the Enhance menu, it allows you to make visual changes, and has the ability to “learn” from your editing choices and get more “intelligent” for future sessions.


Another interesting feature is the Content Aware Move tool, which uses the Content Aware tech- nology and offers two different modes, Move, which allows you to reposition objects within an image, and Extend, which will increase the size of an object (such as a building, for example). Simply draw a selection around the object and drag it to the desired location or position. (NOTE: This tool works best when working on a consistent background).

cont-aware-move-toolbar cont-aware-move


Finally, Elements 12 introduces integration with Revel, Adobe’s social media platform. Both the Editor and Organizer offer several features around Revel integra- tion, such as working with shared libraries, exporting RAW and PSD files to Revel as JPEG files, and integrat- ing your Organizer albums within Revel.

With the bulk of updating completed in Elements 11, version 12 focuses on refining the product to offer that much more to the tools available to us in the digital darkroom. If you’re contemplating an upgrade, especially if you’re still using Elements 10 or early, version 12 definitely deserves some consideration.

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