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Finding the Elements manual (Elements 11 update)

The most common question (complaint, really) that we hear from new Photoshop Elements users is, “Why isn’t there a manual? And, why isn’t it in the box?”

We’re not Adobe, so we can’t answer the why, but we do tell people that Adobe does provide a solid help system for Elements. Plus, if you want something a bit more traditional, you can download a PDF of the full manual online. I thought it would be good to post the locations of the online help areas–which include links for downloading the PDFs for the most recent versions.

For the Current Version

If you’re looking for documentation on an earlier version, Adobe has an archive page with links to the manuals for those versions. The Elements 6 User Guide page is also still available on the Adobe site, and, if you’re a Premiere Elements user, there’s an archive page, for older versions of that program.)

General Elements help can be found online here.

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