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2012 calendar templates!

We’ve uploaded the 2012 calendar files for the “Quick and Easy Calendars from Templates” article in the November/December 2009 issue of Photoshop Elements Techniques. This year’s set has 10 different templates, including three styles for CD jewel-case-style calendars–and an Elements page template for the case–as well as a new “triplet-style” (i.e. seasonal) calendar template.

You can download the templates via this link. Just save the ZIP file on your computer, and double-click it (or use a utility like WinZip) to decompress it. The instructions in the article show you some ideas for creating your own calendar pages, but essentially, all you need to do to add a month to an Elements document is use the File > Place command, navigate to the PDF template you would like to use, open it and choose the month from the ‘Place PDF’ dialog box that follows. Click OK, and it will put the month into your document on a new layer as a Smart Object.

(click to see the images full size)

Once you’ve placed your month, you can resize it, move it and apply other adjustments to it as desired. And, because it’s a Smart Object, you can continue to resize it until you have it just the way you’d like it to be.

For example, in the page at the top of the blog, I created an 8-inch by 8-inch document in Elements, copied and fit the photo to the page, then placed the month of July from the ‘template-9-square’ file. I resized it and put a rounded rectangle shape underneath the month and added a drop shadow to the shape layer. I also reduced the shape layer’s opacity a bit, to let the photo show through just a bit. It took just a few minutes, and I have a lovely calendar page (from an Instagram photo) that is also a great memento from this past summer’s family vacation!

Regarding the jewel case templates: There’s a file in the template folder called calendar-jewel-case-template.psd, which is sized to fit a standard jewel case. If you open it, you’ll find guides (choose View > Guides if you don’t see them) to help you align and size both the photos and the months. I’ve created three calendar PDFs, each with a different font treatment, for you to play with. (You can get jewel cases at most office-supply stores for a reasonable price.)

Two little tricks for using the jewel case templates. First, if you’re printing your pages on a letter-size piece of paper, turn on the Print Crop Marks setting in the Print dialog box: click on More Options, then Printing Choices. That will definitely help with the cutting.

I used gray for the month names in the templates, but it’s easy to change the color to anything else: make sure the calendar layer is selected and grab the Rectangular Marquee tool and make a selection around the month. Press Ctrl-J (Mac: Command-J) to copy just that to a new layer. Then, you can choose Edit>Fill Layer and select a color you’d prefer. Just remember to check the Preserve Transparency box in the Fill Layer dialog box.

There are more ideas for using the templates in the article linked to above, and Elizabeth is working on a new full-page template for the triplet style; we’ll post a link to it when it is online.

And, if creating individual calendar pages isn’t your thing, don’t forget Wendy Williams’ fun tutorial, “Creating a Single-Page Calendar.” You can find links to her 2012 templates with the tutorial.

We’d love to see samples of your calendar pages, so post them in either the PET or Elements Village galleries for us to see–we’re always amazed at our subscribers’ creativity.